I attended my first ever networking meeting in the summer of 2013.

Based off of the amazing feelings of being surrounded by those women I launched a business; MagnifiCuffs LLC.

For real!

Below is a video explaining how I went from being at my first networking meeting to launching a business:

Now, the winter prior to attending the Femworking meeting I joined an international virtual course called Playing Big by Tara Mohr.

You want to know what multiple women from all over the world asked at the start of the session (and have at each session since!)? "Are there any locals who want to meet up?".

In the beginning I thought "Why do all these smarties want to meet up with people in person? Cant we just do it all online? I am way better at connecting on my own time frame and in my underroos." 

Looking back, I do believe it was that exact question, and the overwhelming positive response in the forum, that encouraged me to attend my first local networking meeting. This many women in an empowerment group asking the same thing...there's gotta be something to it.

And good God am I glad I followed my intuition and checked out Femworking. 

It literally felt sacred.

Right there in that Panera surrounded by bagels, joggers, and families! Even two years later, at a closer Panera with all different members, it still feels spiritual.

Like I said in the video above, when you find something that makes you feel special like that, you keep showing up. You'd be a damn fool not to! 

Being in the presence of the super supportive and encouraging trail blazers in both the Playing Big group and the Femworking group made me want to grab all my closest girlfriends and have them join me on the ride.

I was enlightened and empowered

and I wanted every woman around me to feel what I was feeling. But on a personal level, not simply a business building level. 

After lots of thought, research and feedback from trusted confidants I created my own society. Including the general concept of getting a group of brilliant and impassioned women together I also wanted to add what I believed the groups I attended could use:
  • Intimate in person meet ups perfect for the introvert/extrovert/private gal 
  • Presentations from experts
  • Experiential workshops
  • A confidentiality agreement protecting the members of the society
  • Fun (retreats, get togethers outside of meetings, branded society gear)
  • Exclusivity in the form of ensuring all members have a similar self/community/world improvement mission, as opposed to allowing anyone willing to pay entrance into the group
In the two and a half years since launching MagnifiCuffs the common recurring theme of how important it is to be surrounded by positive and supportive women has been too obvious to disregard.

And not just for growing a business, but for flourishing as a woman.

Hence my creation of the Charmed Cardinals sisterhood society. 

Thank you so much for your interest and for letting me share with you from where my vision came!

Wishing well,