Thank you for your interest in joining the Charmed Cardinals! We are thrilled you recognize the importance of "me time" and taking care of yourself so you can be a more balanced woman.  

The first steps to join the Society is for interested women to attend one of our meetings after signing our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This document protects the members privacy and also the society's practices. All members are legally bound to not reveal anything that takes place or is said during our intimate meetings.

The NDA is available for review on our Meetup page where our in-person gatherings are also posted. Prior to attending your first event you will sign the document (we provide the copy).

Attending a Meeting and signing the NDA does not guarantee acceptance into the Charmed Cardinals sisterhood. All potential members must submit a membership application, be approved by the Member Committee, and pay the initiation fee. For information regarding member's financial obligations, please visit here.

We understand we aren't a perfect fit for everyone but assure you that you will know during that first meeting if joining is right for you. Even the fact that you are here right now shows that you understand some self care is needed. And sometimes just that thought is enough to put you on the right track. We do hope to meet you at a meeting though to see if we can help!

If you know now that you would like to join, please fill out our Membership Application for review by our Committee.