Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Charmed Cardinals?

Since 2015 the Society has done all the legwork in organizing fulfilling recurring events multiple times each month to let you reconnect with yourself and with other kindred members. We also have some pretty cool perks from businesses.

Cant I just organize my own ME TIME?
Of course you can! But for our members when they join they can set a recurring appointment in their schedules for the same day and time each month. They aren’t required to attend, but are always thankful when they choose to prioritize themselves.

Are you all religious?
Not as a collective Society. We do not discriminate against any woman (age, creed, size, orientation, race, etc). We mention spirituality but to us that means growth in reconnection with our inner selves. We are proud to have a very diverse tribe of members.

What is the financial obligation to become a Charmed Cardinals member?
$75 initiation fee, $47.00 recurring monthly dues

What does the initiation fee cover?
Your welcome packet which includes a charm bracelet, Dream Diary, and an edited goddess shot from our Society Goddess Experience Mina Habibi Photography (2 dates per year to choose from).

What do recurring dues cover?
All costs associated with attendance at one Experience per month, unlimited attendance at other events (Monthly Sister Meeting, Self Discovery Meeting, Mixer), charms, Society admin costs, and access to secret social media accounts.

What do I get out of being a Charmed Cardinals member?
Fulfillment. You get to focus on rebuilding a loving relationship with yourself and also become connected with a sisterhood of some of the most motivated and thoughtful women in your area.