Diana forbes, Diana forbes coaching

Title: Certified Life Coach


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I'm a former teacher and government tech writer who's a cheeseball karaoke goddess at heart. I've been life coaching for almost a decade now because I know we make the world a better place when we're immersed in activities we love and engaged with people who bring out our best (check! and check! for the Charmed Cardinals --- yaaaaay!). I live in Herndon (since 2007) with my husband (together since 2002) and daughter (born 2013).     

I help working moms to figure out and prioritize what matters most, one season at a time, so they can hack down their to-do list and craft a work/life rhythm they love NOW instead of "someday."


jen hemphill, Her Dinero Matters

Title: Money Confidence Coach, AFC

Website: JenHemphill.com

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Jen Hemphill, a military spouse & proud bilingual Latina, helps women become the queens of their money (reinas de su dinero) so they can start living their own version of a rich life right away.  

This no-brainer, won’t break your budget 6-month membership program that provides you the guidance, support, and accountability you need to finally be able to move forward with your money goals and desires with more confidence. You can learn more here: jenhemphill.com/join

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Nicole maaguo, cultivate ink

Title: Founder & CEO

Website: Ambition is Beautiful Social Media: Instagram-Business, Instagram-Podcast, Facebook, Twitter

Nicole Maaguo is the Founder & CEO of Cultivate Ink, LLC a boutique tech firm. As a woman in tech, she got tired of of watching women be undervalued and underestimated in the workplace.  She created Ambition Unboxed and the podcast, Ambition Out Loud to equip women to embrace their ambition, own their awesome, and step into their leadership potential.  In her spare time, Nicole is a stem-loving mom of 3, caffeinated optimist, distracted crafter, and Charmed Cardinals Member. ;)

Ambition Out Loud is a podcast for ambitious women.  We’re here to help you fully embrace your ambition, find answers to your questions, and get practical advice to advance your career.


lauren forbes, craft box social

Title: Owner

Website: Craft Box Social

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Lauren has always had a passion for crafting & creating.As a mom to two amazing boys, at the end of the day, I love to sit down and be able to do something I enjoy and something I can put my true self into.

Looking for something to do with friends, or for a way to make new friends? Let's all get together and create some wonderful crafts in a peaceful environment - start to finish, while socializing and meeting new people, or bonding with friends while constructing your own personal creations.

Heidi young, Green Spring Gardens - Fairfax County Park Authority

Title: Children’s Education Coordinator

My four greatest loves are family, nature, food, and exploration. I thrive whenever I’m able to combine any of the above.

You’ll find me at peace when I’m planting or harvesting edibles in my garden, teaching my children about plants and animals, trying out a local restaurant in a new town, or exploring a new path through the woods.

Carin kilby clark, time to thrive, LLC

Title: Certified Life & Business Coach

Website & Social: CarinKilbyClark.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Carin Kilby Clark, MBA is a Certified Coach, Mom of three, and Lifestyle Writer/Blogger. She is the founder of Time to Thrive™, a lifestyle brand designed to nourish, uplift, and inspire entrepreneurial women to create the life they would love. Through her writing, teaching, and coaching, Carin’s on a mission to support women in getting unstuck and building a purpose-driven life & business.  

Carin offers a variety of digital products, virtual workshops, e-courses, and coaching programs. Visit https://learn.carinkilbyclark.com for more information.
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