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We want you to envision sliding into your car and 15-30 minutes later arriving at a serene and beautifully appointed loft in a darling town. For a night {or a couple} you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with no expectations on you besides what we have pre-arranged for your self-care.

Once you open the door and step into the loft you immediately see the personalized welcome basket with self-care themed treats and practices. You also spot your pre-loaded HerHideaways debit card with merchant money to spend at our preferred partners and put it in your wallet for later.

After pouring yourself a glass of your favorite drink and nestling into the couch you peruse your personalized itinerary that has your pre-booked appointments made for you in town within walking distance for art class{es} | yoga class{es} | dining | mani/pedis | hair cut/dye | etc.

We’ve organized all of these details beforehand but you are still blown away with the fact that your hideaway is literally happening now!

With your subscription you paid for the stay but with a combination of perk points from referring subscribers, your family and friends gifting you for your birthday, anniversaries, or holidays you are able to bask in enjoying every moment of this 5 star experience that we all know you deserve.

Each HerHideaways is bespoke which means it is 100% personalized and perfected in advance to meet your needs. Regardless if it’s your first hideaway or your fifth. We see and recognize all that you do for everyone else so we take care of everything for you during your entire stay.

We appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm as we bring HerHideaways to you and other deserving women soon.

if the vision of having your very own local recurring bespoke self-care overnight stay{s} feels heavenly, make sure to receive all of the info as it happens by signing up for our email list below.

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“We can’t wait to start nurturing the nurturers with HerHideaways. Not only have you earned it, you also need this!”
— HerHideaways Partners: Marcia & Roger