Frequently Asked Questions


Charmed Cardinals seems so awesome but I got some questions!


Why should I join Charmed Cardinals?

The Society does all the legwork in organizing fulfilling recurring events multiple times each month to let you reconnect with yourself and a community of like minded women.

Cant I just organize my own ME TIME?

Of course you can, brilliant lady! But when members join the society they can set a recurring appointment in their schedules for the same day and time each month. Regardless of if they are able to attend or not, there is always something available should she need to get some me time in. We also have an amazing community of members.

Are you all religious, political or extremist in any way?

Nope, not as a collective society. We mention spirituality but to us that means growth in reconnection with our inner selves. We do not discriminate against any woman (age, creed, orientation, race, size, etc). We are extremely proud and intentional to have a very diverse tribe of members.

i am pro male, is that ok?

100%! The Charmed Cardinals is not an anti-male organization. Though we label ourselves as a women’s empowerment society we believe that every.single.human should intentionally become empowered to evolve into the best version of themselves. We don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind.

do i have to be an entrepreneur to join?

Nah, girl! Though the majority of our members are entrepreneurs we welcome in anyone who needs what we have to offer. There are added benefits for entrepreneurs like our business directory but everything is optional! If you’re cool with us, we’ll be cool with you. Pinky swear.

Will i fit in?

If you are kind, open hearted, and have a growth mindset you’ll fit right in. Also being in disbelief and disagreement that women should be everyone’s everything except her own means you’re one of us. We are glad you found us!

K, cool. You all a cult?

No way Jose! The "secret society” aspect is to protect the privacy of our high achieving boss lady members. Intimate, vulnerable and embargoed information can be easily spoken about within society walls with no fear of gossip or details being leaked.

what if i want out?

We totally get that people’s needs change so there are no hard feelings when members depart. The Charmed Cardinals society is here for you for life, for a few seasons, or for one season. Regardless of how long you are with us, we offer retired members special pricing on certain things like the Connector Conference. If you get in as a member, you’re considered a sister for life-even if you cancel membership.

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