Grab Your Solopreneur Self-Care Checklist.

Is the idea of self-care as a business owner new or overwhelming for you. No worries; it's not for me. Self-care is my expertise, but not the traditional kind; self-care for the solopreneur is my zone of genius.

I founded the Charmed Cardinals society four years ago because I saw early signs of burn out start to happen to some of the solopreneur women with whom I regularly associated. Through our society we began providing the opportunity for women to intentionally take care of the whole self. Personally and professionally.

I have a feeling that if you are like the majority of our Charmed Cardinals members, you are in business for yourself doing something that you truly love. So like us you may be witnessing the self-care craze on social media. Maybe you roll your eyes at some because you can’t relate? Face masks, brunch, manis/pedis, going on a hike, taking a bubble bath, etc. I mean, yea, that’s self-care but it’s kind of surface level stuff.

And if you are a heart centered solopreneur my bet is that you need to go deeper than that. A five minute routine or “break from reality” isn’t going to have the positive impact that you need. You need an anchor that consistently has your back. A system that you know works. For you, and for the other solopreneurs out there changing their part of the world.

Because of the importance of the work we do, it is imperative that we not burn out. Or even worse, fuel our work with expectation or resentment. Which is exactly why I've created the Solopreneur Self Care Checklist for us. 

The Solopreneur Self-Care Checklist will help you get your business back to the spot where it gives you life and will also provide you with a physical reminder of the importance of checking in {pun intended🤣 } on the most important asset of your business...YOU! Cause if you aint right, your business aint gonna be right. 

Best wishes,
Marcia Sheehan
Founder & Facilitator 
Charmed Cardinals
Connector Conference 

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