To Niche or Not to Niche...

To Niche or Not to Niche...

They say in business to find a niche because it helps you reach the right person. I never wanted to though. I thought it was too exclusionary.

My fear based brain convinced me for the past 4 years that by not niche-ing down I could potentially provide Charmed Cardinals benefits for every woman who was overwhelmed. 

Disclaimer: I do believe that self prioritization/awareness and reconnection is in fact needed by every woman, but my work right now is for a specific type of lady. 

Which means I niched!

I believe it's my responsibility to get the women who have committed themselves to solopreneurship in a heart centered business to take a chill pill every once in a while and just BE. To put their business baby, their real life babes, and all other demands on the back burner while they get reacquainted with themselves. 

That's not it though! I also want to encourage and empower women to fully own their gifts as business owners and to become financially free through providing their services or products. 

In this heart centered solopreneur arena I believe that there is a HUGE disconnect around selling, marketing, confusion, workaholism, giving/receiving money, and growth. There's a lot I will be unpacking. For a while. I started unpacking here a few weeks back and will continue writing each week til my work is done. 

On the daily I see some of the most passionate and hard working women give it their freakin all and hope that soon they'll catch their lucky break.

Not only are these particular women SUPER committed to presenting and capitalizing their gifts, they have also chosen to be the EVERYTHING in the business. It's a lot of pressure. Almost too much. 

I believe in them and what they are doing. I see the value they are bringing to the world and the example they are setting for our future generations and for their peers. 

Showing others that doing what you love and loving what you do can not only pay the bills but also provide their definition of success and fulfillment. It's expansion and creation at it's finest.

We both agree that for creation to happen, the environment needs to be healthy. Right?

I’m doing by part by finally owning that the Charmed Cardinals is here to help these ladies through our community. To give them that space that reminds them of why it is they are doing what they do. Regardless of their pivots, lost clients, feelings of defeat or burn out. Once a heart centered entrepreneur, always one. We got you. 

Now, you wanna know the real truth of why I hadnt intentionally niched down with the society. I had neither the confidence nor faith in myself as a business owner to think that I could sell a service to other business owners who actually earned a living wage. I felt like a poser and an imposter. 

Then I got clear on the books after lots and lots of hours with my guys mom (she's a CPA). After tears and belligerent Marco Polo’s to my biz besties I determined that if I was going to turn the work that I've been doing into a viable business lots of things needed to change. And I truly want that. Because I'm a heart centered solopreneur and what I'm doing is extremely important. Not just for me and who I serve, but for all of the girls and women who want to go into business for themselves. 

Me not committing to our niche is the real reason why I've never given it my all. There was no real clarity on how or where to market the Charmed Cardinals. So instead of focusing intently on one type of person I could serve I went wide. Which I can assure you is a bad idea. 

Yes, I've worked my face off for years but it's never been a focused type of work. It's been a "spaghetti thrown at the wall" type thing. Popping from one thing to the next once any modicum of success started to show. Total. Upper. Limit. Problem. 

But those gals, those heart centered solopreneurs, they somehow kept trickling into the society. Waving. "Hi Marsh, I'm here. I want you to provide me with the goodness that I deserve so I can feel rejuvenated and keep giving it my all.".

"When you gonna give us your all?"

Of course they never asked this because a heart centered entrepreneur knows that fellow heart centered entrepreneurs are literally doing the best they can at any given time.

But that's what I started to ask myself. When you gonna stop playing small, Marsh? When you going to stop hiding? 

I did it, friend! I pulled up my big girl underoos and asked all of our members to trust that I didn't know what I was doing but to recommit themselves as I got it all sorted. I asked the barter members to start paying dues. Plus I resolved to ask for brain pickers to become paying clients because of the energy and time commitment. I determined to set the example of how I want our members {and every service/product solopreneur} to allow themselves to be treated as business women. 

Now that I've niched down I have that clarity necessary to know who exactly it is that I should reach and can best serve. And I'm doing it! This blog is going strong and giving me life, last week we welcomed 2 new members into the society and just last night we approved another application.

I'm committed to providing the community that these Charmed Cardinals members need so they can keep changing the world for the better. 

Are you one of us? Just to reconfirm, check out our About Us page. Then hurry up and fill in your application for membership. You need us and you need this. It will help you, I’m sure of it.

If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call with me here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

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