Taking Action

Taking Action

Hello, beautiful! By now you've probably picked up on my personality traits as being a bit bossy, no-nonsense and a tad tyrannical but the real truth is that I want people to grow into the best versions of themselves in a compassionate and self loving way.

What has led me to my immense success in life is that I grow slowly and thoroughly. Over and over again I've pushed myself just past the limits, but I've never thrown myself over the limits. That's how bones get broke! Instead of the jarring clawing my way to the top regardless of what it does to my family, relationships and physical health I've opted for the slow and steady success strategy. And look at me now, over here livin my best ever life!

All of these blog posts are intended for you to read, sit with the info, and then take action. Real progress and clarity comes through action. Which is why that is the subject for today.

Short Recap

{feel free to catch up if this is your first time here}

In Exercise 1 a Warm List was created because it's very important that when you dive into personal and professional development you set yourself up for success with personalized self care sources at the ready. Everyone with a growth mindset knows that the process is painful. The Warm List is a bit of padding for when you are bruised and tired.

Exercise 2 was all about clarity. How to get to know what it is you crave clarity on and what to do once you pinpoint the subject matter.

In the future there will be a whole blog post based on my stacking philosophy but for now I hope that you trust that the timing of these posts are for a purpose.

And now... we are on to ACTION!

A big thing in the world I'm in with "creatives", "solopreneurs", and "heart-centered entrepreneurs" is the passive action and the massive action roles we play.

Passive action is considered as consuming podcasts, books, articles, YouTube videos, etc. Doing the learning of the things.

Massive action is considered as ... well, just doin the damn thing.

You: "Ok cool, now I know that I should be doing the damn thing but how do I figure out what "the damn thing" is?"

Me: "You know. Right? I think you know what it is."

It's whatever came up in last weeks clarity post. What did you want clarity on? Is it different today? Is there a subject matter that keeps popping up. Whatever it is that you came up with, that's the subject where you need to be taking action towards.

"But Marsh, what if I feel called to do something and then I start taking action and it's all wrong?"

K...then stop. Or reroute. Or take a step back and talk it over with a trusted confidant, coach, or peer.

But most importantly

Get. Out. Of. Your. Head.

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Just start doing the things!

If you wanted clarity on:

your finances

commit to reviewing your bank accounts daily, keep a spending log (literally make a recurring daily event in your google calendar that has a dollar sign...then update it each time you spend), create a spreadsheet that lists all of your recurring expenses, forecast upcoming "unexpected" expenses like gifts/car maintenance/dates/trips, etc

your relationship

"do" them (lol sorry...I couldn't help myself), have a conversation, go on a walk or bike ride with them, ask them "whats one thing I can do for you that would make you feel loved", buy them a breakfast sandwich

your profession or calling

go to a networking meeting, email an idol or mentor and tell them that you admire them, create (AND IMPLEMENT) a content calendar, hire someone to ramp up your LinkedIn profile (side note: that's how I treated myself after a promotion, I hired Your Administrative Ally to jazz up my profile)

Listen sugar, there is no wrong action. Every single thing that you will do serves a purpose. To either further you down the right path, or give you a heads up that you are on the wrong path. Regardless, nothing is permanent.

The only wrong thing you can do in life is settle. To be too unsure of anything to make any movement. To be paralyzed with fear and doubt.

I promise you if you just.start.doing. after a tidbit of clarity on where to head, you'll start to see progress. And that progress will lead to momentum which will gain you confidence and then....OMG I have to stop, I'm getting way too excited for you!

Exercise 3

Take some action, babycakes! Share on social with the tag #reconnectwithmetime if you feel compelled. Or join us in our Charmed Cardinals Complimentary Community and share with us (or lurk, we're cool with that too...whatever helps you get more connected).

I'll see you here next Wednesday! Until then, keep connecting the dots.

Best wishes,

If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call with me here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

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