Social Media Strategy for Solopreneurs

Social Media Strategy for Solopreneurs

Shortly after I launched my first business there was a request in a networking group from a radio show producer for people to call in and ask a question about their business.

Um free business advice? Yea, I could make some time for that.

I called in and asked the dj what social media platform I should be on. She asked what my new business was and I replied that it was a fashion accessory. She said: “Pinterest and Instagram. Without a doubt”.

I promptly created accounts on both platforms.

Instagram Post for MagnifiCuffs July 2013

Since before the radio show call I already had a Facebook and Twitter account that I knew well post call in I primarily stayed on those platforms.

Despite the experience entrepreneurs suggestion. 🙄

I chalk it up to part stubbornness, part laziness, and part focus. I’d heard from others that focusing on no more than 2 social platforms was a great way to not overwhelm and burn out. Made sense to me. While I did post sporadically on Instagram, Pinterest definitely was an irregular afterthought.

I’ll explain more below regarding my social media suggestions for you but first check out what happened because I did have a somewhat active account on Twitter. Laura Evans of Fox 5 DC found my profile and did a feature on my product!

Fox 5 Feature Laura's Likes MagnifiCuffs

Ok, enough about me and my past experiences with social media.

The point of this post is to give YOU my personal run down on how social media can serve you in YOUR business. All these pointers are tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way from a plethora of resources. I hope some of this info can help you in some way.

  • YouTube - If you have your act together enough this is the platform everyone should be capitalizing on. Video and audio. That’s how I most connect. Is it the same for you? YouTube has both. In addition to the visual and audio medium the written description area is also a place to optimize for your Google ranking.

    • Since YouTube is owned by Google descriptions get picked up in the search tool and can improve your brands ranking on search engine. I feel like this is the potential magic bullet to get your message out. As for how to create videos and share your message I really connect with Tips with Trena teachings.

  • Instagram - Stories are where it’s at. A story is a 24 hour post that is accessible through clicking on the profile image. People do short videos, share other peoples posts and share day to day type pics that they dont necessarily want on their “permanent” Instagram feed.

    • The feed can be visually curated or not but my belief is that people are on Instagram multiple times a day to get a real life sneak peek at who they are following. It makes the person seem real and accessible. Some of my time saving tricks to foster relationships is when I see that someone has viewed my story and they also have a live story, I click directly on their profile image to view their story.

    • Instagram was purchased by Facebook a few years back so the dreaded “algorithm” thing you hear about with Facebook also impacts Instagram. It’s not as difficult to be seen on Instagram as it is on Facebook but my theory is that it’s only a matter of time.

  • Facebook - good for groups. I do proactively go onto Facebook to tag businesses on my Facebook page when I share an image from Instagram. I also log in to check in on the groups that I moderate or am a part of. I have a spreadsheet of the heart centered solopreneur groups I’m in with the different days of the week themes that they have. I don’t always consult it but it’s nice to have.

    • One note about being in groups: chime in somewhat regularly when you have something to share or help with. Don’t just pop in with your offers. And know that it is VERY difficult to get clients in Facebook groups because the majority of people in there are doing the same thing you are: trying to get noticed and get clients. I advise not putting too much time and energy in this resource. Maybe set a timer for 30 minutes a few days a week and rapid fire comment/share/post in the groups you most connect with.

    • I do think it’s important to have a business page on Facebook as well because people will look it up when inquiring about your business. Plus you want others to be able to tag you. And if you get to the point where you have the budget for it you may want to purchase ads which you will need a biz page to do. From what I know, ads do work but you will have to pay and you may want to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Our Facebook page is basically a hub to catch all the Instagram posts and also to place events. You have to have a Facebook business page to create events. You can create events in a group but only members of the group can access the info.

  • Twitter - my go to news resource. Whenever I see a “Pray for …” after a mass shooting, that “so and so” passed away, or some type of natural disaster the first place I go to for real news is Twitter. People are on there to share news and resources in short concise texts. And I mean it’s not all bad news, that’s just how I use it now. I got my start on Twitter when managing my friends band back in 2009 and learned the power of hashtags. This is a good platform for hashtag searches. Also, as a business owner I love the list feature that Twitter has. It makes retweeting easy and you can even create a secret list that others wont see. This feature allows you to log on and just see stuff from people you want to. Twitter is great for no nonsense type left brainers that are information based. Not a great place for sharing inspiration, images, or monologues.

  • Pinterest - if you want visits to your site, this is where to go. Pinterest is super visual and I believe the most used search tool for people on the internet. I’ve heard that for a while now from various sources. You want to make sure that your pins are eye catching. I know a few members from Charmed Cardinals have Pinterest Managers that go in and optimize there pins. It brings a ton of traffic to their blogs/podcasts. If you are producing content that is not videos I believe that Pinterest is right up there with YouTube for making a potential big impact with social media efforts.

  • LinkedIn - landing page for your professional life. I mean it ‘s basically an online resume right? I know content can be shared there but I spend about 4 minutes per month on it so that’s about all I have to say.

As you can tell from my descriptions of each, I love social media. I find it so valuable as a marketing tool for entrepreneurs. Also, as an introvert I find it is a wonderful way to connect with other humans while maintaining and honoring my energy levels.

Depending on the platform, you can dip in and out as you see fit. You can engage by direct messages, commenting on posts, and sharing peoples content. I have more real life friends now because of social media. It’s a beautiful thing.

Although I do believe in the theory to focus the majority of your efforts on just 2 platforms I also believe it would benefit you to have accounts on each platform and at the very least set up auto share from the primary 2 that you post on regularly.

Leave a comment here if you find this post helpful and want me to go deeper on any of these topics in future blog posts.

Also, if you want to discuss any of these social media platforms directly relating to your business you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call here. We’ll discuss where you are, where you should be and what you should be doing to maximize your reach for potential clients.

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