Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelm

Y’all! The last few hours of my life got me like WHOA.

In a little over 12 hours I will be heading to the She Did it Her Way Summit and to say that I was overwhelmed would be an absolute understatement.

But it didn’t look like overwhelm:

I was SO overwhelmed I literally sat on my couch and listened intently to an audio book for hours not doing ANYTHING. That’s weird, right? <But upon reflection I realized that’s what I do…I get paralyzed. More on that below.>

So I forced myself to take Stanley for a walk because I had an inkling that I was stalling.

Of course I was freaking stalling!

I needed to grab some survival items {food for my friends} from the store for the 38 hours I’m gone. I needed to mail our new member welcome kits {dont get me started on postal rates}. I need to pack the kids stuff for tonight’s sleepover. I needed to write this blog post {I missed writing last week <3}. I need to pack my stuff for the trip. I need to upload our community anchor {aka an opt in…OMG you guys it is SO good!}.

That’s legit a lot of things that need(ed) to get done.

The odd thing was that although I knew I needed to get it all done, I didn’t know.

Like I said, I went blank. For hours.

It wasn’t until I forced myself to take Stan the Man on his walk that I really started to think about all that needed to get done.

Then I started getting IT done!

Guess what happened on the way to the post office {to spend a lot of money on postage}?

This blog post idea came to mind!

On Wednesday’s I love to write about what the recurring theme in my life is. Today since I’d been blank for so long I couldn’t think of a thing. But driving got the brain poppin.

I sat in the parking lot of the post office and wrote an email to myself with the subject line: Overcome Overwhelm.

Here’s what came to me:

First and Foremost: start. moving. Get up and move. I’m not talking anything drastic peoples! Arianna Huffington, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Harder all talk about the magic of walking. It’s true. It’s magic. Even though my eyes were burning from the pollen, the act of leaving the house and coming back in made it way simpler to grab my welcome kits, jot down a grocery list and head out.

When you are overwhelmed, can you look at it with an investigative eye? For me, I was able to “come to” in the car and realize that my behavior this morning was very familiar to when I host people at our home. I will have this eery sense of calm where I literally DO NOTHING for hours. Then I look at the clock and freak out and scramble until the very last minute. I know it’s a coping mechanism and a way for “my brain to protect me” but it’s really ineffective because it sends me into a tailspin. The scrambling always ends up causing me to greet guests with anxiety AND exhaustion. Not this time though! Well…partially.

Once I thought of the similarities I then thought: “Ok, no more reminiscing and no more projecting.” Dollface, it is WONDERFUL to get clarity and dissect why we are the way we are, but when you can look back and figure out things in your past that have overwhelmed you …and then begin to harp on that… it’ll make you feel defeated and that you “are just that way.” So, yes, look back momentarily to see if you have any common threads, determine how you can recognize them going forward {for me it’ll be that eery calm sensation}, but stay in the moment. No falling into the downward spiral of self sabotage when you are overwhelmed. Promise me!

Keep your mind on the situation at hand. You are overwhelmed for a reason! Either it’s real life demands that are placed on you, it’s unrealistic expectations that you have put on yourself, or it truly is a catastrophic or monumental event that has happened to you {or a loved one}.

Regardless of what it is you are overwhelmed about take a DEEP BREATH and think about what is your current top priority. That’s where the clarity will come from. And that’s all we are really searching for when we are overwhelmed. The course of action. Don’t be silly though. Just ask yourself after determining your priority: what is the one thing I need to do right now? Then keep asking that AS YOU TAKE ACTION until momentum has taken over and you are slaying your life.

Ok, and my last piece of guidance. Get. Out. Of. Your. Own. Head. And. Into. Someone. Elses.

An hour ago when I got home from the post office and the grocery store {BAM 2 things done!} one of my girls had messaged that she was totes overwhelmed. She then went into why she felt overwhelmed but obvs I know about her life. So I responded, “Holy $ this is exactly what I’m fixin to blog on.” and then went into what it was I was going to write about….which included to reach out to someone you trust. I actually haven’t heard back yet so not sure if any of this content is good but we’ll see :OP lol.

A personal story of me accidentally getting in someones head:

I woke up in a cold sweat the other night regarding flying out of DCA at 6:30 am. While freaking out I had the brilliant idea that I’d ask my neighbor if I could ride with her to the metro since she takes it daily to the Pentagon. I’d already researched a taxi and the thought of an Uber by myself at 4 am totes freaked me out {travel anxiety is real yall … but not as real as my want to keep growing myself}. So the next time I saw the hubs I asked “You think Amy would think it was weird if I asked her if I could ride to the metro with her?” He said, “I don’t think that’s a weird request. But why dont I see if my mom can take the boys overnight and I’ll drive you.” Ummmm….yes please! Seriously guys… had I just shared with Ryan my freaking out about that early flight, I could have slept like a man the other night.

Sooo…share your overwhelm! It’s not going to burden someone. They may have a solution. Or you may come up with one on your own just by getting it out. Ensure this is done in a reciprocal relationship where the listening ear is someone you would help when burdened.

Ok, that’s all I got for now. Let me know if this helps in any way by dm’ing me on Twitter or Instagram.

Until next week, keep connecting the dots.


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