Wanna Be an Influencer with Massive Impact?

Wanna Be an Influencer with Massive Impact?

At the end of March I attended a self organized Cultivate What Matters planner weekend with a handful of gals. We couldn’t make it to the company hosted one in NC due to timing and obligations so we made our own. It was a glorious girls weekend! 

Affiliate Link: if you arent drinking this Cultivate What Matters koolaid yet, get to it!

Affiliate Link: if you arent drinking this Cultivate What Matters koolaid yet, get to it!

The first night we watched the Rachel Hollis documentary.  A couple of us were dumbfounded by the amount of success that Rachel had...from saying stuff that we live, breathe and teach each day. 

After much discussion we determined that the fact that we live in a very progressive area {the Northern Virginia outskirts of Washington DC}, that we have a different level of access to diversity, culture and education and from our upbringings that maybe what we know and do is not as common in other areas. 

Hmmm whodathunkit?!? 

Because of our fascination with Rachel’s fist pumping hoards of women the conversation quickly turned from “how do these women not already know this stuff” to “how did Rachel cultivate this major following and be able to positively impact tons of women”. 

Spoiler alert: it happened overnight. 

Lmfao y’all better know I’m kidding!!!

I hate to break it to you but there is no such thing as magic when it comes to building a visible and influential heart-centered business of your dreams.

Kismet, yep. Synchronicity, legit. Destiny, uh-huh. Karma, sure.

But magic? It’s not real. Not the way that people think it is. 

Just like one of my biz besties bundle of joy, there is a long gestation period. Unfortunately, unlike pregnancy with your biology being on autopilot, you have to proactively grow your business baby.

Seriously though, how cute is Char?

Char and me on our planner weekend.

Char and me on our planner weekend.

This Rachel Hollis gal has been at it for ages. Working in events, constantly sharing on social media, writing books, and I’m sure learning some insider tips from her industry pro husband. 

Doing. The. Most.

Yes, she did have her catalyst moment that introduced her to WAY more women but until that happened, she’d been sharing ... sharing ...  sharing. 

Carefully and consistently curating her content to land home with her original crew. 

Then once it happened: IT. HAPPENED.

But not before it was time. Not until she proved to herself, and her people, that she was here to stay. That she wasn’t messing around. That she had a message and an impact that she wanted to be felt.

And look at her now. She is everywhere. It’s a lot. But it’s what she wanted, and now that she has it I’m sure she is thrilled that it has all come to fruition.

You could be your own version of Rachel. Or Oprah. Or Brene. Or Marie. Or dare I say it: Beyoncé. 

Magic ain’t gonna happen to you though. Sorry not sorry. This is real life, people!

What is it that’s holding you back?

I keep seeing people hide behind the minutiae. Tweak this, edit that, learn a new system, take a course, upload the perfect plug-in, meet the right person.

Does all that count towards your success? Yea. I guess it’s important once the machine starts working. 

But the ONLY way I’ve learned to make massive movement {or manufactured magic} in business is to punch fear in the face and put myself out there. 

Not in a sketchy and superficial way. But in a way that is in alignment with my values but also has me fully exposed. Doing something that shocks the shit out of my system.

Like signing a contract for $2500 for our first Connector Conference when I had $1400 in our business checking account. Having to move personal money to the account. Then when I ran out of that charge $250 on an Amex from my first business that I swore I’d never use again. 

That was a really hard one using credit for something for the first time in years.

It was also embarrassing to have to write on the contract that I emailed over “$2250 on this card {debit card} and $250 on this card {Amex}”.

But I HAD to do it. I had to secure the space.

Once the coordinator got back to me saying the place was ours, I laughed in fears face. Ha, take that!

From that second on, I knew like for real we were having that conference and that it was going to be my first real full exposure. The first time that I was opening myself up to becoming as professionally successful as I felt personally successful.

I think at that point of paying $2500 we had sold 2 tickets. Then I realized that basically everyone who would be the perfect participant was either speaking or presenting at the conference. Lol…that was a pretty manic moment.

Just after that low the next thought was, “even if we don’t sell anymore tickets I will have enough dues money to pay for lunch for all the speakers/presenters and 2 ticket holders LOL. And the 18 of us will spend the day teaching each other the tricks of our trades. It’ll be way less attended than I’d hoped for but it’s a freaking start. And I don’t half ass anything so every woman there will leave a better person.”

I’m sharing all of this because I was freaked the freak out. Until I committed. Like went full in. Then it started getting easy. I still worked my face off to get people to buy tickets but those ticket sales were just cherries on the top at that point.

I know it’s not easy to face and overcome fears. Because I have been there, I would never intentionally diminish the feelings that anyone is experiencing. Just like when my kids were toddlers and would fall down I made it a point to never say “it’s OK you’re OK you’re OK!”. Because they weren’t OK. They were shocked, they were hurt, they needed nurturing. They didn’t need some person who was further along on the path to verbalize some shit. They needed someone to say, “I see what is happening. What just happened. Right now is a sucky moment.” and be there as a witness.

That’s going to happen to you sweat pea. You are going to have to be ok with hurt and feeling sick to your stomach while growing in this role of solopreneur. If it is truly your intention to make a huge impact.

I swear to you: the only way to combat the fear is going to be to punch it in the face. Fear is always going to be there.

You can sit down and be the good girl that does what society tells you to do ie keep playing small, study more, learn more, hone your expertise, get another degree, hide, do the menial grunt work.

Or you can bravely start sharing your message close and narrow.  

From my observations that’s the ONLY way to get it far and wide.

To start close. 

To find your people and get connected with them. To catch a small break, then a win, then have a set back, then try something new, then grow and grow and grow.

You have to start. There is always going to be fear and it is always going to shock your system. But each time it gets easier and easier.

Share your voice. Share you story. Share your heart centered business. It will bring you SO much joy and open the doors to exactly the right partners, clients, and mentors.

Til next Wednesday!


If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

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