It all started with that one thing...

It all started with that one thing...

Hi sweet pea!

I am SO excited to have you here! If you are reading this I have to assume you came from the Charmed Cardinals, the Connector Conference or my personal social media account.

Regardless of how you found this space I want to give you the warmest welcome. It means a lot to me that you are here and hopefully soon you find out that it also means a lot to YOU that you are here.

My intention with the entries in this blog, and with everything I do professionally, is to be a conduit for your connection to self.

I myself started on the path of self discovery in 2012 when I sobered up and started blogging under the pseudonym Felicity (meaning: happiness).

From that blog I birthed a business, then another business, followed by a ton of personal and professional growth.

But it all started with that one thing. My blog Finding Felicity. Essays that consisted of me connecting blindly to the ether, in an attempt to help heal my soul. It was raw. It was real. It lit me up and was exactly what I needed at the time.

It was amazing.

Until it wasn’t.

I started to share the blog publicly and then felt too exposed so let it lapse. Which I am fine with because it served its purpose.

To light the path for “the next one thing”.

Which then led to the next and which then led to the next after that.

Light after light and step after step until I made it to the front porch.

And seven years later here we are back at square one! Blogging in my cozy home after coming full circle. A lot has changed but the foundation has remained the same. I am me but more me than I’ve ever felt in my life. Fulfilled. Passionate. Alive.

Enough about me, on to YOU!

For this round of blogging I have hopes of providing content for women (and a few good men) who want to fully connect to themselves personally and professionally through self prioritizing.

It’s my belief that when you are comfortable and confident enough to permit yourself to determine and define your top priority and then focus fully on it then all the other pieces in life start to line up.

Then before you know it you will be living a life you knew you wanted and needed but weren’t quite sure how to get and keep.

Back to me, then on to YOU!

I couldn’t be more excited to be back in this capacity. Writing makes my heart so happy. It’s a warmth in me with which only ginger tea, a fire and silence can compete.

What was the first thing that popped into your mind when I told you what makes me warm and happy?

What do you think of when you picture yourself being warm and happy?

Maybe it’s a bath or a run. A walk in the grass. Dancing in the rain. Camping with your feet next to a fire. Tending to your garden. Catching up with a friend. Reading a book or magazine. Crafting a new recipe. Painting or coloring.

Why the list above? It is intended to not just be suggestions of what you like but also some things that you dont like.

Personally when I read "run" I think "ahhh hell nah". And when I see “Camping” I stop reading. Actually I don’t "really love" any of the things on that list.

But that's a good thing. Because the discernment and polarization of the things I dont like help me to remember the things I do love. And then I do those things. Often.

Identifying what makes you feel good is important because the more we allow ourselves to do the things that warm us up the more alive we feel.

Seriously friend what’s the point of living if we cant or won’t prioritize our own happiness?

If I know you (and I think I do because you landed on this post) I can almost guarantee that you are an overextended human who has expectations set on you by MANY people, including you. Maybe you also have recurring thoughts in your mind that you aren't doing enough. That you are letting your loved ones, your clients, your community down because you are pulled in so many directions and cant tell up from down. You feel fragmented, disconnected and overwhelmed.

Ok you can stop nodding your head.

I have some intel for you. All of these expectations and obligations that are "put on you" have a common denominator. And you know what it is? Or who it is?

It's YOU! And ya know what? YOU my dear are the most important piece of all of this. Everything that is happening in, to and for your life is, and should be, the most important.

You get that right? It's you. YOU are the most important.

If you aren't ok, none of it will be ok.

I want us to do exercises (ew not real ones *see above mention re: running) together so we can get great again.

And how do we get great?

By being true to ourselves. By prioritizing ourselves. By letting others know that we have boundaries and limits and that we are the ONE and ONLY boss in our life. We will not be controlled by our external circumstances any longer. {unless you have a toddler at home. um...then i got nothin for you!}

Others may have preconceived notions on our availability or willingness to prioritize their needs but if we aren't feeling ok with ourselves we understand the importance of getting to ok.

And then we will be great.

And once we are great we can then determine if prioritizing someone or something else is our new priority. Then we will judo chop that commitment as well. As long as it is done from a place of non-resentment.

We will commit to checking in with ourselves to prevent overwhelm and unrealistic expectations from others and ourselves. It'll happen, but it's a process.

Exercise 1

Ok back to feeling warm.

I want you to spend 5 minutes today writing down a list of things that make you feel good in your mind and body (and no this doesn't mean everyone's favorite: cheese fries, try to keep it to something non-eaty or non-spendy). Be cool baby, there's helpful hints below on how to do it with ease.

As suggested above: maybe it’s bathing or a run, a walk in the grass, dancing in the rain, camping with your feet next to a fire, catching up with a friend, reading a book or magazine, volunteering, crafting a new recipe, painting, coloring, etc.

Ok now when you start your list if you have issues thinking of things you like, then try thinking of things you don’t like and ask yourself questions. Like “what’s the opposite of running?” or “dancing in the rain is stupid but I do know what’s’s ____”. or “making art feels forced to me, but when I do ___ I lose track of time and feel complete.”

Set the timer for 5 minutes and write. Then slap that list on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, or on the tv.

If you are comfortable doing so, take a picture of your list and tag me on Instagram at @charmedcardinals with #reconnectwithmetime. I shared mine on Instagram but also have it below. Folding laundry is on there. You may thinks that's weird but it is soothing to me. Keep your list real and authentic. It's for you.

my #reconnectwithmetime list

That's it for Exercise 1. Great job, dollface! I'm proud of you and hope you are proud of you too.

See you next Wednesday! Until then, keep connecting the dots.

Best wishes,

If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call with me here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

Becoming Clear

Becoming Clear