Featured Females: May 2019

Featured Females: May 2019

From our monthly eNewsletter:

Before I highlight our amazing Charmed Cardinals member and Connector Conference alumni I want to share a bit about the society. 

For the second half of last year the majority of my energy and focus was directed towards organizing our first two Connector Conferences. Because of the involvement with the expansiveness of launching in-person conferences I wasn't doing anything intentional to grow our membership. And truth be told, I was extremely overwhelmed by the amount of effort and involvement that I felt was required of me. When I started Charmed Cardinals it was a much needed resource to give me some respite outside of being a stay at home mom while also working on my first business. Things changed though. My guys got older and were out of the house way more. So weekends became special again and I wanted to be able to dedicate more time to the family side. And even though I had increased dues and started paying myself a nominal amount, the extra cash didn't make up for the time away from Ryan and my boys. I started to become resentful. Which is NEVER a good thing. 

Much soul searching happened between both successful conferences and I determined that we needed to do a revamp to the society. It felt selfish and egocentric to "take things away" from people just because it was a lot work for me. In all honesty though, it was either tweak it to my needs, or let it fizzle out and die. So I had to give reorganizing a chance. 

And besides the Connector Conferences, it may be the smartest business move I've made to date.   

Now I know that doing the revamp is literally the best thing I could have done because it opened me back up to being able to share from a place of excitement as opposed to obligation. A ton of things became clear and the inspiration and creation tools in my brain have been going at warp speed. It's amazing and I am SO grateful! 

I am so proud and excited to say that in less than 4 weeks we have welcomed in 5 new members! I am blown away. But I also know it's because of the clarity of who we serve, where we are going and most importantly being back in alignment with my integrity. 5 women! 5 more lives that we can support, share and grow alongside. Magical!

Ok, on to our Featured Females!   

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If you are a returning newsletter reader you are correct to expect to feast your eyes on our sixth set of "Who's That Girl" Connector Conference alumni and Charmed Cardinals member in this edition of Featured Females.

If you are new in this neck of the woods here is the link to the Series 2, Issue 1:

Feature 5: Alumni, Kristy Rodriguez & Charmed Cardinals Member, Nicole Maaguo

Featured Female:

Who's That Girl
Charmed Cardinals Member
Carin Kilby Clark
First off, you aren't having dejavu. Carin was our 2nd Featured Female but for the society revamp we have added a Member Takeover feature in our members only Facebook group. Going forward our eNewsletter on the 15th will feature that month's take over member. Next month is Diana Forbes! 

Yours truly is MDS and our Featured Female is CKC.

MDS:  Hello Carin, please tell our readers a bit about your current situation.

CKC:  I spend my days and nights working a full-time job that I love, building my coaching business, and being a mom to three awesome kids. 

MDS:  In a couple decades when you write your autobiography how would you describe this season in your life?

CKC:  As the time I was pouring the foundation. 

MDS: And you have been with Charmed Cardinals since?

CKC:  I'm a Founding Member so officially since our first meeting on August 2, 2015!

MDS:  To date what has been your favorite experience* (an experience is a society hosted experiential workshop that Charmed Cardinals holds for members on the 4th Sunday of each month)? 

CKC: The cooking experience is by far my fave!

MDS: The one with Daniela of Cucinamore hosted at your home. I remember it well! That was a lot of members fave! Ok, so besides kind of being forced to by me why did you join the Charmed Cardinals? 

CKC:  To surround myself with growth-minded women and better prioritize my self-care. 

MDS: YASSS! I'm SO honored to have had you in my corner since the start of this journey and be able to grow alongside each other! Tell me Carin, what is the best way you have found to reconnect with yourself?

CKC:  Through meditation and journaling.

MDS: Those are classic! Now, if you could go back and tell younger Carin anything to encourage her, what would it be?

CKC: You can do anything you put your mind to. 

MDS: 100%! Can you tell us what you are doing to make the world a better place?

CKC:  I am inspiring women to cultivate a meaningful, values-focused, purpose-driven life. 

MDS:  Awesome. Can you provide one helpful hint for someone who is struggling to feel connected to herself?

CKC: Who are you being? Often when we feel disconnected from ourselves, it's because we aren't being our true selves. Take some time to reflect on who you are being ... how you are showing up in the world. Make sure that you are showing up in a way that aligns with the things you believe in, have value for, and are committed to.

MDS: OMG you are so good! Your clients are lucky to have you. Last thing, how can our readers connect with you and find out more about you? 

CKC: At my website here: http://www.carinkilbyclark.com 

We want to engage with you on social media! The conference is on Instagram here and the Charmed Cardinals society is on Instagram here. We also have a complimentary FB group that is open for anyone to join regardless if you are a member or conference alumni. We want to see you in there! 

Featured Female:

Who's That Girl
Connector Conference Alumni
 Tricia Driscoll

Trish & Me.jpg

Tricia Driscoll, Founder of Knotty Origami and the recently launched KO Integral Marketing is a lady that is very near and dear to my heart.

I met Tricia back when I had my previous business, MagnifiCuffs. I joke with her that I manifested her into my life but it's not a joke. Back then I was heavy on the social media and would see makers doing things together. I thought to myself on many occasions, "I really want a local maker friend". After just wishing it finally occurred to me to do a hashtag search and the rest is Herstory. 

The wonderful Tricia was one of the first 6 ladies to join Charmed Cardinals back in 2015 and I love her for it. Although she isn't still with us, her support and willingness to stay true to her commitment level is something that I totally admire. As said in the past, Charmed Cardinals can be for a season, multiple seasons, or life. It's up to our members how it best serves them. 

Despite her inability to be a committed member she sees what we are doing and supports us in ways that she can. Like contributing one of her beautiful necklaces to the first Connector Conference. Getting me to speak at Team WIN in February and keeping me on track during the talk {I have entertaining video proof of this ... lol...}. And also, with attending our second Connector Conference. 

Tricia doesn't just support me, Charmed Cardinals and our members, she also has spearheaded and given loads of time and energy to the Young Entrepreneur Business Fair. As you can guess from the title, it is an organization that encourages littles to learn more about the entrepreneurial world. Which I literally can't think of a more empowering opportunity for these kids to learn firsthand about providing value, economy, sales, relationships, etc. It's really a gift for this youngens that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The second fair will be June 23 in Gainesville, VA. Visit the site to learn more and I hope to see you there. { PS: Trish, I'll be sending a check soon... too many squirrels have been running by recently :Op } 

I'm most recently proud of my dear friend for recently launching a social media / eCommerce training and strategy business. Creating from scratch a very successful eCommerce business with Knotty Origami Tricia began to experience the "brain picking" conundrum that a lot of us entrepreneurs start to face {I blogged about my recent challenge with that here}. After multiple request she started to let people hire her for her prowess. Then after a while of that and getting her land legs steady she turned it into a full fledged business, KO Integral Marketing. Tricia is super bright and has already served a lot of people up with wonderful strategy so if you need some help, reach out to her! I look forward to continuing to see how this remarkable lady (and veteran) will grow and develop as an entrepreneur. 

If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call with me here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

Wanna Be an Influencer with Massive Impact?

Wanna Be an Influencer with Massive Impact?

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Confidence Equals Currency