Featured Females: June 2019

Featured Females: June 2019

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Who's That Girl
Charmed Cardinals Member
Diana Forbes

A couple springs ago I was an attendee at an event where Diana was a speaker. This lovely lady was introduced as a Certified Life Coach. I got cozy in my chair when Diana said she would walk us through a guided meditation. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and heard her begin to walk us through the first guided practice I'd done through Tara Mohr's Playing Big program about 5 years prior. At that moment, I knew Diana was supposed to be in my life. 

Charmed Cardinals had contributed a couple gift certificates for experiences which gave me the opportunity to talk a bit about the society. 

A few days after the event Diana reached out to me to see if she would be a good fit for the society. She was concerned that as a life coach we may think she was joining just to get clients {which isn't allowed: we need from members a minimum of 50/50 desire for self connection and community connection}. Here was my response to her thoughtful message:


In April 2017 Diana joined Charmed Cardinals and we have had the pleasure to get to know her better over the past two years.

As a coach who helps working moms to figure out and prioritize what matters most, one season at a time, so they can hack down their to-do list and craft a work/life rhythm they love NOW instead of "someday."  I have benefited from getting to know Diana on a professional level as well as on a personal level at our members only meetings. And just recently I finally cashed in on a 1:1 I had purchased from her and was so blown away by the meeting and support that was given. I thought "summer is coming, and this mama can for sure use some help!" so as of last week I hired her as my own personal coach!  

Diana is one of those gals that constantly and consistently shows up, has a kind heart and similar family/work values as me. So when the stars aligned the evolution of our relationship seemed like a complete no-brainer.   

That's the thing with potential clients right? Sometimes you have no clue if and when they will become clients. But you keep showing up with your messaging and let the universe do her thing. 

As we've mentioned in the past episodes, one of the added benefits of being a society member is the ability to do a Member Takeover in our secret Facebook group. This allows the predetermined member the opportunity to share with all of the society members about her personal and professional life for 5 days straight. It's a wonderful way for members to have the spotlight on them while surrounded by an amazing audience. To test out going live, get comfortable with sharing, and wow our members with their expertise. Diana is the Member Takeover for this month and I can't wait to learn even more from and about her! 

You may also recognize Diana as a first time speaker at our second Connector Conference back in April <3 

Featured Female:

Who's That Girl
Connector Conference Alumni
Jessica Castle

Jessica Castle - the Stress-Free Launch Strategist  is a two time Connector Conference alumni! Not only that, she was the second person to buy a ticket for the inaugural event and the one that coerced me :OP into starting presales for 2.0 so she could hurry up and guarantee her spot. 

I met Jess IRL {in real life} at the first Women's Empower Expo 3 years back. She'd come up to see Femworking Founder, Kelley Sanabria speak. I'd heard about this Richmond Femworking member but back then all our meetings were in person so didn't know much.

I was grateful to meet one of the remote members of Femworking but now I'm like way more grateful because she is the Femleader of our biweekly 8 person mastermind. Jess is a beast at making sure everyone is heard, stays in line and is accountable. 

In addition to our Femworking and Connector Conference connection, Jess was also one of our founding Richmond members back when we attempted to have remote chapters. She attended the first ever mixer hosted by Kaira Boston and me and signed up right away. Thank you Jess for always being so supportive and a true champion for entrepreneurs!

OK: on to the work that Jess does as a launch strategist. Look yall, Imma be honest and let you know that I don't know what it is exactly that she does. I can tell you however though that I took one of her online 3 hour workshops and got SO much clarity out of that one session that my mind was blown at the cost she charged. Jessica has a way of simplifying the technical side of things that makes it seem like what she's doing everyone should just know. Because it's all there...in her head!  She's a true expert when it comes to ads, newsletters, Facebook, conversions, etc. Since having her as our groups Femleader I haven't once seen her stumped on a technical question someone has asked. 

So, if you are an online entrepreneur and are looking to launch something {or dissect something that's been launched so you can learn from it} you really want to reach out to Jess. Seriously, the amount of information she knows offhand has me refer to her as a tech unicorn. She's also hysterical and a super awesome lady. Thanks for being in my life Jess, I appreciate you!


PS: if I'm ever telling you about a CC member or conference alumni and it's someone you want more info about or a warm intro to, please send me an email and let me know. Making connections gives me life. I literally know the most amazing people and if you are reading this and need something that one of these peeps can help you with, you have to let me know! 

PPS: Are you supposed to be our newest member? Fill out the application here and you will find out in 24-48 hours.

PPPS: since I’m a full disclosure type girl, the Femworking links above are affiliate links. Should you check out an Open House, Mastermind Meeting Replay, and/or Join Now Page and become a masterminder withing Femworking I get a monetary kick back. Just like when Charmed Cardinals members refer the society to other potential members and they join they receive a Starbucks or Amazon gift card. Affiliate programs are a wonderful way for founders to incentivize their loyal league of clients. I’m a loyal of Femworking and have been since it changed my professional life 6 years ago.

If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

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