Confidence Equals Currency

Confidence Equals Currency

Are you feeling defeated? Like nothing you do or put into the world is getting the traction it should? That all the heart , time and money that you are pouring into your business is going unnoticed and you are a failure?

I’ve been around our people for 7 years now and unfortunately this feeling of defeat is very common. I don’t mean to diminish what you are going through but I can assure you it happens to all of us at some point or another {or even on a regular basis}.

Being a heart centered solopreneur trying to share her gifts with the world and then only hearing an echo in return can feel SO gross.

There is a way out. It’s through building confidence.

“Marsh! How am I going to build confidence if I cant even build an email list?”

Ok, ok calm down over there! No need to shout at me! I got some answers for you!

The best way to build confidence is to get some wins. But you have to go small, baby. Real. Small.

Come up with one thing that you can do for exposure that will further your mission. Just one thing that you will focus on. Is it share on Instagram stories regularly, is it to do an email newsletter, is it to write a blog post, or comment with your expertise in FB groups? It has to be small and positive.

And then this is the anchoring thing. You have to be consistent with it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the same messages that I do about the importance of consistency. About how it trains the people around you.

Here’s the kicker, though. You gotta do it for you, not them!

I want you to be consistent. I really do. But not for your audience. Do it for you. Because every time you show up you are recommitting to yourself. You are proving that you and your work are a priority. It doesn’t matter what they think. In the beginning it really doesn’t. It matters what you think. And if you keep no-showing on yourself you are going to start the vicious loop of how worthless you are and that will then discourage you from trying. Over and over again this will happen.

You can’t expect to keep commitments and honor others fully if you aren’t doing so for yourself first. I mean maybe you can initially but I’m almost dead certain that at some point you will self sabotage. Because you aren’t in alignment.

Stop. Breaking. Promises. To. Yourself.

Commit to you. Show up for you. Keep sharing your message and putting it out there. It doesn’t matter if people don’t convert. Not now it doesn’t. Get your land legs. Share your message. Get stronger and bolder and more confident.

The real reason why you’re going to do it for you:

I hate to break it to you but your people got other stuff going on. So they may not even notice if you don’t appear on your regularly scheduled day and time.

Which has me wondering, why do we give ourselves such a hard time? Is it because we are afraid the whole thing is going to crumble to the ground? That our people will think we are flakes or that we don’t care anymore?

Well they aren’t thinking that. I’m sure of it.

Think of a time when someone who you regularly watch or listen to no-showed. Can you even recall a time? If you can, did you then check out one of their past podcast or episodes that you already got value from? That’s what I’ve done. Because the people I connect with who consistently show up have that content still there.

That’s why it is important to continue putting that quality content and message out into the world. Because not only will it hone your messaging but it will also create a library that people can access when you aren’t there.

Commit to yourself. And then when you do skip a beat promise me that you will give yourself grace. DONT get into the shame spiral. That is the quickest way to completely derail every aspect of your life, not just your heart centered business.

You are in this line of work for a reason. There are people that need what you have to offer. And if you keep no-showing on yourself then obvs you aren’t going to reach them.

I promise you that if you build up your confidence it will do wonders for the amount of currency you bring in. You will begin to see, know and own your worth. Which will encourage you to add on another sharing medium. And then another. And your audience will grow and they will begin to not only see the value that you are bringing to their lives but they will want to work with you, too.

Once you trust yourself to be able to commit and deliver consistently you will be able to choose who it is you work for and with. You will be able to truly recognize the gifts that you have and realize the value you bring to others lives. It’s going to be magical.

But it starts with you. You got this!

See you next Wednesday!


If you want to discuss anything relating to your personal or professional growth you can set up a free fifteen minute phone call with me here. We’ll discuss how to get back to making YOU your top priority.

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