Becoming Clear

Becoming Clear

Why is clarity important? Why should you want and strive to be clear?

Well obviously it's because life becomes so much easier!!!

When you have clarity decision making is simple. Your brain isn't foggy and you dont have competing thoughts trying to pull you in a dozen different directions.


Clarity is bliss. No smoke in mirrors. No bs. Straight up transparency. BLISSSSS!

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K, how do you "get there"? How does one become clear?

I gotta keep it real for you. Unfortunately, it is a multi-pronged approach. Meaning that just because you have clarity in one part of your life doesnt mean every other aspect of your life is clear.

You have to get in there and start at phase 1. {Side note: I do promise that the clearer you become the easier it gets to pinpoint the next thing that you need or want clarity on.}

Exercise 2

{exercise 1 in our first blog could help after this practice because growth can be hard! meaning: do something to get you warm after this exercise }

First, ask yourself a qualifying question about what aspect in your life it is that you are currently craving clarity.

Is it regarding:

a relationship?


your profession?


a specific role in your life (spouse, parent, boss, homemaker, employee, etc)?

Think about it. Really sit there with the "What am I craving clarity on" question and ponder it.

Are you reading this sentence right now? You better not be! :OP

If you read my request to think about what you want clarity on and ponder it and then went straight on to the next sentence there's no judgement, sweetpea. I'm not here to shame or berate you. I'm here to get you to wake up, become intentional, and create introspection in your life.

In this day and age we are CONSTANTLY being barraged with information, stimulus, data. You are literally reading this blog post right now, consuming it. Which is amazing and I'm grateful but I want you to take it a step forward because I want you to come here each week and genuinely get something out of it.

So back to our exercise. What do you want to be clearer about in your life right now?

Think about it until you get there. I want you to trust that when you go through the mental inventory of things your life consists of right now that you will be able to identify what is the most pressing thing with which you want clarity.

Just one thing. Pick the most pressing.

THEN continue reading...

Sometimes simply the practice of getting quiet and determining what it is that you want clarity on is enough to give you a break through.

Other times you need some more help.

I suggest you use these tools as a way to be guided regarding next steps on what it is now that you know you want more clarity on:

  1. Journal free flow. Just. Start. Writing. I want clarity on my relationship with Ryan because it's important for me to etc ... I want clarity on my finances because of the obligations that I have and the dreams that i have to etc ... I want clarity on what I should do with my friends classroom situation so that etc ...

  2. Meditate (here's one of my favorites: option 1)

  3. Get physical (work out, go for a brisk walk, do some yoga, have some sex)

All of these things have in common the art of doing. Getting out of your own head and stopping the internal chatter. That's where clarity comes from dollface!

While doing or participating in the tools above what came to you? Did you become more clear?

Maybe you encountered too much? Or nothing at all. That's ok. Really!

The point is you tried.

This process that we are going through together to get you to reconnect with yourself is likely going to take some time. I think you're worth it and I hope you do, too. <3

I'll see you here next Wednesday! Until then, keep connecting the dots.

Best wishes,

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Taking Action

Taking Action

It all started with that one thing...

It all started with that one thing...