The Society

Visualize this: 

You knock on the door which is quickly opened by a warm and friendly hostess. As the two of you greet each other you immediately feel your body's tension from the day start to melt away. This is one of your favorite nights of the month.

You enter the candlelit home and hear one of your favorite songs playing softly. You smile, nod and say hello to the familiar faces as you pour yourself some hot tea.

Once the last guest arrives you walk over to the couch and nestle in.

Moments later one of your sisters hands you the nights agenda. The hostess announces who the meeting is dedicated to and everyone recites the oath.

Together the group begins the exercises.

You feel safe, connected, and secure.

Tonight you will hear and you will be heard.

You are with your people.


The Charmed Cardinals is a sisterhood of women that truly grasps the importance and power of being in the presence of positive, motivated, and honest women. 

It is our belief that allowing and prompting women to share openly with other like minded women is extremely beneficial to not only her well being, but also the community (family, friends, business associates) with whom she surrounds herself.

As members of the sisterhood improve their individual lives by fostering positive connections with themselves and each other, they also help to cultivate healthier and more intimate relationships outside of the society.